Why are you smiling?

screwface.memeI walk a lot. I walk to work, to get groceries, to go to the bank, to the laundry, to get some exercise… pretty much every day, multiple times a day, I walk. 

People who see me tend to mention the same thing over and over again: my smile.

Apparently, I am supposed to put on a screwface while I’m strolling around, and the fact that I don’t* is a real surprise to folks. Seriously people I am meeting for the first time will bring this up to me.

Anyway, here are some of the things that have made me smile on recent walks:

1. It’s a beautiful day.

2. The breeze feels nice.

3. I just remembered something funny my sister sent me in a text.

4. I am listening to a song that makes me happy.

5. I am listening to a funny book/podcast.

6. I’m looking forward to whatever it is that I am on my way to do.

7. My boyfriend just said something really sweet to me on the phone.

8. I have just seen a person I like drive past so I waved and smiled at them.

9. I feel extra cute.

10. I’m singing a fun song in my head.

11. Someone who has just driven past is listening to a humorous song.

12. I have just tripped or bumped into something.

13. I am enjoying a delicious beverage.

14. My manicure is holding up really well this week.

15. A baby just waved at me.

16. I have just seen a rainbow.

17. I read an amusing bumper sticker.

18. I just noticed a particularly pretty flower.


The point of all this is to say that I might be smiling for any number of random little reasons. My smile has nothing to do with anyone who happens to see it, it’s just a visible signal that I am experiencing a little slice of joy in my day.


*More and more I actually DO put a screwface on because I’m actively trying to avoid street harassment. But that’s a whole other post.