Low-tech tools

Audio recorder securely fastened to a round surface with double-sided tape, press conference in the background

Gravity was no match for a piece of double-sided tape!

I got a reminder recently that not all the tools in my trusty kit bag need to be high tech. I was covering a crowded, outdoor press conference. My usual strategy of dropping my recorder on a chair or on the table nearest the PA speakers was not going to fly.
Luckily, I was rescued by a savvy public servant who had some of that thick double-sided tape in her bag. A little piece on the bottom of my recorder and it was stuck to the round top of a parking pole. Considering the amount of assignments I cover that are on a boat, in a park, or in other not-huddled-’round-a-conference-table settings, I plan to get some of this tape for myself as soon as possible!