Dear future husband

This is really personal, but just for fun, I am following the lead of my favorite queen and sharing publicly a few things that anybody who has their sights on me as a spouse should probably know.

I’m the captain of my life! You can make requests and offer insights and opinions but the best rank you can hope for on the Chrystallship is lieutenant. By the way boo, while I’m happy to share any wisdom I might have on what the SSyou should do, I expect you to captain your own self.

Little things matter to me. Stopping by the office with an egg sandwich because you know it’s Wednesday morning and I probably skipped breakfast to meet a deadline may not be the stuff of teen girls’ Youtube-inspired dreams, but it shows me you care in a way that means a lot more than any expensive or showy ‘romantic’ gesture.

You can’t buy my love. I mean, thank you in advance for spending your hard-earned money on me if you want to do that sort of thing, but that will not be the reason for my affection for you. I’ve been happy and I’ve been poor and I’ve been both at the same time and your time and attention are way more important to me than your bank balance.

Don’t be a fool. It’s fine if you don’t have a PhD or a membership to MENSA, but have an open mind and be willing to learn. Be intellectually curious. I want our conversations to keep us entertained for hours.

Don’t be afraid of the kitchen. I love cooking, and I promise to fix you some amazing meals, but I want to be cooked for and with too. You should have a few tasty dishes in your repertoire and be willing to try new things.

Okay, enough romance… Time to get back to work!