Can you catch me?



One of the best things about doing community news has to be the kids. It seems like I might be starting to look like I belong around here because at yesterday’s Commonwealth Day do in Cane Garden Bay, tiny kids were coming up to me like they knew me!

“Can you catch me?” one asked from the top of a playground slide.

I’m all about playground safety, obviously, so I said sure.

When the kid came off the slide, he told me he needed three dollars and pointed to the food tents on the other side of the schoolyard. He didn’t seem too surprised when I told him I didn’t have it.

A little while later another kid, this one even smaller, came up to me mumbling and waving a baggie of grapes.

“No thanks,” I told him, figuring he must be offering me some. Little kids love to share and all.

“But…” the kid said and gestured to the knot on the top of the baggie.

He needed adult help to get to his grapes.

After I untied it and handed him the baggie back, he even said “thanks.”