More on my first festival parade

I'm all decked out for the parade.

Last week I shared the story of my first Emancipation Festival Parade, but there were a few things I left out of that story — some just didn’t fit, others weren’t fit to print in a family newspaper.

Here’s a shortlist of my favorite funny and odd things that make up the rest of the story of my first festival parade.

1. So sober. Part of the refreshments provided when you’re in a troop includes basically as much booze as you can handle, but my fear of embarrassing myself more than necessary in front of the whole territory helped me decide not to enjoy any of my beloved rum and cokes until the parade was practically over — right about when the speakers quit on the band’s truck, if you read the Beacon article.

2. Asian Persuasion. At least 6 sets of people had me pose in pictures with them and they were all — at least to my eye — Asians. Not sure if they were spotting me as one of their own or if I just happened to look friendlier than the other folks in my troop, but there it is.

3. Petticoat parade. I actually wore a petticoat under my dress. It was more like a tutu since it was so short, and it’s pink. The folks who made it called it a can-can. This is the part of the costume I really hope I have an excuse to wear again sometime.

4. Vintage Babe. That’s actually what it said on all of our dresses. It seemed particularly appropriate when I realized that a lot of the people in our troop were real grownups and not the swarm of 19- and 20-year-olds you see on Carnival-style parades on television.

5. Winning at wining.┬áMy favorite compliment of the whole festival: “You dance like a Caribbean girl.” Uhm, thanks!