Month of Gratitude – Day 8

I’m up early and today I’m really grateful for the arrival of the fall.

This spring and summer were brutal. When day care closed in March, it was already hot. Usually we can cool off in the sea but between the vehicle going down, the lockdown and curfew, and wanting to avoid crowds, it was more difficult than usual this year.

Now though, the mornings and evenings are chilly. The days are still warm, but not oppressive. Spending the day at home is no longer such a sweaty proposition.

Another reason to be grateful for autumn is that soon the Atlantic Hurricane Season will be over and we’ll be able to breathe a little easier.

Getting close to the end of the year is also an opportunity to begin assessing what I’ve accomplished for the year.

Looking back on 2020 so far, there are a lot of things that had to be cancelled or adjusted for COVID-19, but I can see that I’ve built some good habits for myself and my family. We cook together. We walk together. We workout together. It’s just nice.

This time of year also reminds me of the potential of the year to come. A new year will bring new opportunities, plus, I feel optimistic that I can try again with some of the things that didn’t work out the way I’d hoped they would this year.

Welcome fall! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to reflect and reset.

Bring on Autumn


A peek through the mangroves

Far from the poetic color-changing leaves of New England, or even from Instagram’s fall favorite, pumpkin spice, autumn in the Caribbean is a different flavor altogether. In general, we lucky island dwellers can expect things to remain pretty much the same from season to season: We keep visiting the beaches, never lose track of our shades, and definitely have no need to un-mothball any scarves or coats. Still, there are a few signs it’s not summer anymore around here.

Cooler temps: Granted, we probably won’t have anything you might describe as “crisp” any time too soon, but it has already started to cool off a touch. I can tell because I’ve switched the fan from “gale force winds” to “stiff breeze” setting and the heat rash that the baby and I have both been battling since May has finally subsided. Soon I’ll want to put on a light sweater!

Shorter days: I have to admit, it’s a bit harder to jump out of bed in the morning now that the sun isn’t shining into my face before 6am. But it’s nice to have dark in the evening. I can even use the oven again without the entire apartment feeling like a sauna.

More visitors: Although they aren’t quite in daily just yet, the cruise ships are back at the pier on a regular basis. There are also a lot more vessels dotting the territory’s waters than there were just a few weeks ago. All those extra sailors are a sure sign that the Christmas winds aren’t far off. Which also means…

Re-openings: Some of the restaurants and bars that took a break over the slow summer period are opening back up again, meaning we all have a lot more options when it comes to going out, socializing, eating and drinking. Whether you’re revisiting old favorites or trying someplace new, fall is a fabulous time for foodies and going out in general around here.

Events galore: Hands down, my favorite part of fall is the return of the BVI’s busy event schedule. You’ll start to see the events listings here in the Limin Times get pretty crowded with parties, festivals, sailing races and other entertaining events. Later this month the annual favorite BVI Food Fete will kick off, then we will all get to enjoy a month of food, fun and culture before the pressure of Christmas.

What are your fall favorites?

This column first appeared in the Oct 19 edition of the Limin Times.