My work

Since coming to the BVI Beacon, I have a couple of favorite projects:

A report on (and map of) historic sites in the British Virgin Islands

A story on tsunami risk in the territory and region

In grad school I was a Carnegie-Knight News21 fellow. I worked with Chris Cameron to create “Fighting Battles,” a look at what military life is like for Latinos. That fall, a text-only version of the story got picked up by the USA Today.

I also wrote for the Cronkite News Service:

Authorities say tougher penalties needed to make serious dent in drunken boating
This was my first real attempt at a data story. It ran on and in the Arizona Capitol Times.

Cronkite/Eight Poll: Most Arizonans optimistic about the economy

Environmental leaders look to ethnic media to help diversify movement

State Parks task force recommends $15 surcharge at MVD

Kartchner Caverns: rare living cave is an economic boon for Benson

Or, check out some photos.