Month of Gratitude – Day 9

Today I’m extra grateful for my rambunctious three-year-old.

First day of preschool (at home)

Though he is brilliant and beautiful, I don’t think the world revolves around my little guy. He does brighten MY world every day.

Babies and toddlers don’t really have a sense of time. To them, life is all about the present moment. No amount of meditation or mindfulness can compare to my son’s request of “let’s play together!” to get me to drop everything else and just enjoy a moment.

I try to model good stress management, and I think it must be rubbing off because he occasionally requests to “go out on the deck and see.” This is our version of a grounding exercise using the five senses, but rather than counting, we just sit very close together on a special spot on the deck and talk quietly about the things we can see, hear, smell and feel. At this point I can’t tell if he asks because he needs to feel grounded or if knows *I* need it, but either way I am grateful.

And joy! Man this kid enjoys life. It’s infectious how much he enjoys singing and food and jumping and rolling anything even vaguely round all over the house. Basically unless it is sleeping, this child enjoys it.

What a blessing to live with a little joy factory!

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