Month of Gratitude – Day 3

Today my nerd heart is grateful for books.

Little man knows I’m a sucker for a book.

When I was a kid, books let me escape. I would get lost in stories where I could choose my own adventure, stories of rich twins, stories of teens who got paid to babysit. I vividly recall sitting at the kitchen table so absorbed in what I was reading that I would have missed an entire conversation happening around me.

By the time I got to middle school, if you owned a bookshelf you had to watch me at your house. I didn’t like to get in trouble in school but sometimes I couldn’t resist… I would pull out a library book and read at my desk with no style whatsoever.

I sometimes think books are what put me on a decent path in life. I didn’t KNOW people who had gone to college, but the people in books did, so I wanted to go. I became obsessed with words which led me to want to be a writer. Basically, books helped me set goals that I could work toward.

Fast forward to today: books are still how I escape. Besides a stress reliever, books help me learn new things about my work, help me be a better parent and wife, or imagine a brighter future.

I’m so grateful to be a reader, and to always have access to so many delightful books.

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