Month of Gratitude – Day 2

Today I’m grateful for my physical body and its abilities.

Having been without a working vehicle for months now, it’s easy to get cranky about having to walk so much. Walk to the store. Walk to the spot where I can catch a ride to work most mornings. Walk to the dumpster to take out the trash. Walk up the hill because so many regular cars can’t easily make it all the way up to where I live.

Boo freakin’ hoo!

But truly, what a gift that I can do it. According to my health app, an inactive day for me is one in which I walk about 3,000 steps, and I am always going up and down this hill.

Of course the truth is that my body lets me do so much more than just walk. I can dance and jump and swim. I can sit on the ground and play with my toddler. I can (for now!) lift and carry him up these same neighborhood hills.

Oh yeah, I *made* a whole other person! And when they sliced me open to get him out, I walked around the next day. I was hiking again just a couple of weeks later! It’s honestly a miracle what this sometimes neglected body is capable of.

I may not always love my body, but it’s strong and tough. It’s a marvel and I’m grateful for it.

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