Reader love

I had a moment today that made my heart swell.

I came across a discussion online and there was a lot going on. (Short version: somebody reported that “locals” are poisoning foreigners’ pets. And used that as a headline.) Speaking from experience, stories about dog poisonings are not fun to do, but this isn’t a story that should be presented as falling along racial or “expats versus locals” divisions.

And all the commenters over on the BVI Community Board said so. Seriously this community has a bunch of really thoughtful folks. Basically none of the commenters agreed with the way the story was executed (primarily the headline) but they explain that in totally reasonable terms. One woman who was quoted in the story is especially generous, essentially thanking the writer from bringing attention to the issue before adding that she wished it would have been presented in a more balanced manner.

These are the folks who read my work. I love knowing that they’re here keeping us honest, and I have undying reporter’s love for all of them.


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