Wish list

As much as I love Tortola, shopping is a little hard here. I have friends who look forward to regular trips to St. Maarten or Puerto Rico just so thay can get a shopping bug out of their system. I was never the type to need retail therapy, but after two years on the rock, I am ready to do some serious shopping.

Here, just for fun, is my imaginary wish list of things I would buy in California, assuming I could*

1. Fishnets. I miss them. I used to be able to find them at the drugstore. In all different colors. Seriously I think I got these in a WalMart in Paradise Valley.

2. Avocados. Are you kidding me? I’m going to the land of delicious avocados. You better believe I want to get some while I’m there. You could add/substitute pomegranates, blood oranges, or a whole variety of other yummies from the farmer’s market.

3. Beer ingredients. I have a brewing kit but I haven’t brewed any delicious beer since I was in California. I’d love to bring back some goodies and fix up a batch to share with all my BVI homies.

4. Used books. I love books. Used ones are the best, because they cost like $1 and they’ve been loved and maybe written in by someone else.

5. Wasabi peas. These are so tasty and I haven’t had them since someone’s mom mailed them here months ago. Actually I’d like to go to Trader Joe’s and buy up a whole bunch of tasty snacks like those little chocolate thingies or those orange flavored craisins or pita chips or… You get the idea.

I may not get to anything on this list, but you better believe I will be making some time for a thrift store trip or two while I’m home.

*I arrive in 14 days. Get ready, California


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