California dreaming

In a few weeks, I’m going home for the first time in nearly a year.

I’m very excited. It’s not going to be a long trip, but I want to do a whole lot of things. In no particular order, here’s a pictorial partial list:


My niece and I colored for my birthday a couple of years ago.

Because you’re never too old to enjoy coloring. It’s possible that my nephew is now old enough for it, too. Coloring party, anyone?


They have gorgeous koi

Well, as long as I get to visit the meditation gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship center in Encinitas.

Swami’s beach

Encinitas Photos

Swami's Beach (TripAdvisor photo)

Tidepools + sandpipers = happy Chrystall

Shop at thrift stores

Where else but a secondhand store can you find treasures like this?

Mama needs some vintage clothes and shoes. I’m only bringing that second suitcase they allow so that I can fill it with inexpensive goodies.

Drink good beer

Das boot, which I didn't dare fill with the strong ale we were drinking that day.

Hopefully, the fact that I’m on vacation will inspire one of my wonderful friends to do a North County beer tour day so I can hit up several of my favorites: Stone, Green Flash*, Oceanside Aleworks, Lost Abbey and Pizza Port.

See live music

I ❤ Stranger

Preferably, music played by my friends.


Where the magic happens

I just happen to have an in at the best little waxing salon in town, so it’s all good.



This one is going to be tough, as I don’t have a bike of my own anymore, but I’m holding out hope one of my two-wheeled homies will come through. Or maybe I’ll just play tourist and rent one.

*It turns out Green Flash has moved to Mira Mesa. I like Green Flash, but Mira Mesa?


2 thoughts on “California dreaming

  1. I’m looking for some details on ‘a few weeks’ here, my long lost friend. By my reckoning, a few weeks equals now. I just so happen to be in California right now (no I am not stalking you!) and I’ve yet to spy your pretty, smiling face.

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