30 days of new catch up

As promised, here is the catch-up post on the 30 days of new.

Day 7: Updated the Beacon site

It was a very small update, uploading my latest soundslide, and it was predictably a pain in the ass. I had to go back and forth between different computers, plus make multiple calls to our usual web guru on a different island for the day. And of course, since it took a couple of tries we had to put in a placeholder for a minute and now that other one is not on the multimedia archive page for me to share with you all… Blah.

Anyway, if you didn’t get to see it, I posted a lot of the pictures on flickr.

Day 8: Martini party

The martinis were even tastier than they look

This was super fun. I dressed up in my favorite little black dress and red heels, took pictures for the folks who put it on, ate sushi, and met some new fun people. Oh! And the martinis were yum: There were so many different kinds I had a hard time choosing, but I settled on one that was a really sweet pear-y thing, and the other was spiced, with some chamomile and other fancy stuff in it.

Day 9: Recorded news for radio

I hadn’t tried to record any news since my Cronkite School days, but I did it! I went down to the radio studio and read two political stories for the regional section of the daily newscast: one on Cuba putting a non-Castro in an authority position, and the other on Haiti’s election. I heard it on the air the next day and decided that even though I was reading something I hadn’t written and that was not really in the broadcast style, (short, simple, active sentences = easier to breathe and emphasize the important bits) I actually sounded alright!

Day 10: Full Moon Party @ Trellis Bay

Me & the lovely Lynne at Trellis Bay

My first full moon party had Moko Jumbies, Fungi music, burning metal sculptures, and a clear sky to show off the giant moon.

It also had a whole lot of tourists plus a handful of friends.

And I got to dance with Lynne at the beach bar, which was crowded enough to be literally shaking at some points of the evening. Good times.

Day 11: Fail

It was a Tuesday and I failed at doing a new thing. This put me two things behind. Curses.

Day 12 & 13: Loose Mongoose & a ‘tolian impersonation

Back to Trellis Bay, this time to a really nice little beach bar on the other side of the bay called the Loose Mongoose. We had nachos and watched the sunset and I got to swing in a hammock between two coconut trees right on the beach. It was really awesome.

And I did a ‘tolian accent, which was approved by a friend who is actually, as some folks say, “bahn here.” I don’t think I could have pulled it off if I wasn’t getting really into telling one of those “..and then he said”-type stories. I actually surprised myself with it, which is probably the only reason it sounded halfway okay. I’m not sure I could pull it off if I tried to do it again.

And happily, this put me back to being only one new thing behind!

Day 14: Carling Black Label 

A vintage poster for my new thing of the day from adclassix.com

I took it easy and went for another new drink.

Carling Black Label is from Canada, but apparently it was quite popular in the midwestern US back in the day.

It’s a perfectly serviceable pale ale.

Whew. Now I just have to decide what to do for today!


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