day 6: marmalade making

I made marmalade!

The marmalade has to cool before you can put a lid on it.

Okay, I helped an expert marmalade-maker make a batch.

But I also learned all about it.

First, it’s huge in England, aka the land of “spreading things on toast for breakfast,” according to my British marmalade mentor.

The difference between jam and marmalade is that jam uses soft fruits and doesn’t take as long. Marmalade uses citrus fruits like oranges, limes and grapefruits, and you have to boil it in stages. For hours and hours. So it takes for-ev-er.

The pectin in the seeds and the peel of the fruit is what helps the marmalade ‘set.’

‘Pips’ are seeds.

It doesn’t really have to be refrigerated, I think because all the sugar preserves it.

For every pint of liquid after the initial “just softening it up” boil, you add a pound of sugar. A pound.

As a bonus, I also got to try homemade lemon curd for the first time. Don’t think I’ll be doing the marmalade on my own — it’s too labor intensive — but I’ can’t wait to try my hand at some lime curd.


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