day 3: Kayaking

It’s day 3 of the 30 days of new project. I went kayaking and it was awesome.

A gorgeous afternoon to be on the water at Manuel Reef

We took the very heavy kayak from my friend’s back deck right into the water near Manuel Reef, which is just a few minutes walk down the road from my place. We sported swimsuits and lifejackets so we’d be ready if we fell out of the boat. Steering sounded like it might be complicated, so I took the power seat up front.

We stayed out about an hour, not going out too far. We saw a lot of boats and birds and mangroves and places I’m used to seeing only from the road.

For me, kayaking on the south side of Tortola is like biking in a city that has bike lanes: I’m powering my own movement. I’m not going too fast to enjoy the scenery. There’re larger, faster vehicles around, but as long as I pay attention, they’re not going to run me down.

So, my arms are sore, but I had a blast and I definitely want to go out again soon.


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