Working it. Finally.

Proof I'm legally allowed to work, given to me with directions: "carry this at all times, on land or sea."

I’m legal!

For the last two weeks I’ve been in the purgatory that is immigration and work permit processing. It hasn’t been fun visiting the various offices, waiting for hours on end all the while having a nagging paranoia that I’ll never get my passport back or that any minute now I’ll be sent to the immigration detention center.

Frankly, the process felt to me the way housebreaking must to a puppy: confusing, frustrating and sometimes painful.

But today I finally got cleared to start working. Woohoo!

To celebrate, I wrote a couple short pieces and plan to cover three or four events this weekend. I’ll spend the rest of this year — only three more issues — learning the ropes of covering government and courts here on the island. I also aim to put together at least a couple of evergreen slide shows. (Soundslides, ftw!)

When we come back after the holiday, our current government reporter will be gone and I’ll take over that beat officially. I hope that by then we’ll also be about ready to launch the new web site. I’ve got an inside source on it, and it looks great.

Ok, I’ve got to get back to work now.


2 thoughts on “Working it. Finally.

  1. When I was working over in Thailand I remember those first weeks when my employer was working on my work permit and they had taken my passport. I felt totally naked and exposed–I was so happy to get that baby back! Glad to hear you’re legit now!

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