Guess who’s going to paradise

Photo of my future home by henry aw @ Flickr

Yep. I am.

Just as soon as I get approved by the powers that be in the British Virgin Islands, I’m going to work for the BVI Beacon.

As you can imagine, I’m thrilled about going to work in such a lovely little corner of the world, but I’m also very excited about this particular job. I’ll primarily be covering local courts, but I’m already being encouraged to think about ways to use my love of data and investigations to pursue other stories as well. In addition, I’ll help tackle the website redesign already underway (but not ready for launch).

There’s no way to know exactly how long the work permit process will take, but the best guess is that I’ll take off in January at the latest. In the meantime, I’ll continue to hang ’round the Valley of the Sun and take frequent trips back home to the San Diego area.

Much love and thanks to the wonderful fellow students and former editors, supervisors and instructors for helping me hone my many, many resume and letter drafts, and who recommended me so glowingly for this and other positions.

You can bet you’ll be hearing more from me as the move gets closer, and a lot more once I get to paradise!


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