News21: a day in the life*

Day Two probably won’t turn out to be typical, but with only 10 weeks, I’m not sure typical exists! I’m sure I’ve left some stuff out, but this gives a general idea of what I’m up to.

7:30 am: Arrive at Cronkite school, check emails, respond to an interview request reply, look at and news updates about Latinos in the military, DREAM Act
8: Look at a couple of Pew reports for info to go in a surprising facts video
9: Catch up on some discussions on the News21 Ning, post to the discussion board about our national question; this took longer than it should have because I’m a bad Ninger
10: Go home to pick up Mom and take her to the airport (obviously won’t be part of the routine, but still)
11:30: Return to Cronkite school. Review project proposal to make sure I’m covering all the bases. Realize I’m not and make a couple of phone calls
12:30 pm: Leave for defensive driver training at the Mercado (since the University is funding our rentals cars for later travel, we had to do this 2-hour course)
3:00: Return to Cronkite building. Strategy meeting with story-partner, Chris
3:15: Chris and I retreat to an edit bay for speaker phone interview attempts. Leave messages for two senators. Talk to aids at two congressional offices; send emails to congressional “schedulers”
3:45: Call a source from a non-profit; hear about his program for about 30 minutes, plan to call again tomorrow for follow-up questions and recommendation of more sources
4:15: Debrief, plan of attack for tomorrow
4:30: Catch up with Rick and Jason; the bosses
5: Write out a to-do list for tomorrow. It feels like I got hardly anything done today!
5:15: Oooh, my IPUMS data is ready. I’ll probably play with that for a while after I finish this post
5:45: Talk amnesty data with Evan, help him poke around on Census site

Two days down, 68 to go. Must. Be. Awesome.

*A tweet from @joshsprague inspired this post


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